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There is no such thing as a bad photo of an animal HOWEVER for the purposes of painting your animal there are photos that will allow the artist to produce a better-quality portrait. When sending a photo of your pet, please remember that Rachel has never met your pet before so she can only create your portrait based on the ONE photo you send. She paints EXACTLY what she sees.

Some tips for getting those IDEAL photos:

1. Get a second person to help, one can take the photo and the other can get your pet's attention with a toy, food, etc.

2. Take the photo at your pet's eye level.

3. Make sure your pet is looking directly at the camera, no sleeping or eyes closed.

4. Make sure your pet is sitting up, no lying down, sleeping, curled in a ball. upside down, etc. 

5. Take the photo in natural lighting to get a bright and clear photo that shows your pet's details. Hint: turn the flash off on your camera.

6. Go to your pet when they feel safe and comfortable. you want them to look relaxed in the photo.

7. Make sure no part of your pet is blurry or distorted. 

8. Be patient I know it can be frustrating if they aren't cooperating. But remember, the better the picture the better the painting will be!

"Good" Photos
Bad Photos
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