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1. Once you have decided to order a custom portrait, Contact the Artist.

2. Let the Artist know what size canvas you would like to order and how many faces you would like on the canvas. For sizing and pricing check out Custom Paintings

3. If a painting has to be shipped to you, the Artist will find the cost for you. Shipping is based on location so let her know where you are located.

4. Once you receive your quote, if you would like to continue going forward with the painting, send a clear, bright photo of your animal(s) staring directly into the camera.  For more information on what photos the Artist can work with go check out her Pet Picture Tips. Include any specific requests (i.e. background colour preferences). 

5. She will then create a digital preview of the potential portrait. You will then pay the 25% non-refundable deposit. Click to learn how to pay. This deposit will include two additional digital previews which will enable you, the customer, to provide input prior to the commencement of your portrait.   

6. Once you’ve approved the digital preview; the painting of the portrait begins. Once completed, customers will receive a video/photo of the portrait: if required, feedback will be accepted to make minimal changes. Your final approval and the remaining balance must be received prior to delivery/shipping of the portrait. 


Digital Preview


Finished Painting


Digital Preview


Finished Painting

Digital Preview


Finished Painting

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